How would it feel to find the only gym you'll ever need?

It seems like there are more gyms, workout programs, health and wellness “best practices,” and information on exercising and dieting now than ever before, doesn’t it?

Sometimes, it can feel exciting to try lots of different workout classes and programs. But other times, it can feel super overwhelming, especially since most of the information out there seems to contradict each other.

And, not to mention, trying new gyms, workout programs, and diets gets mentally and physically exhausting—fast.

When it comes to health and fitness, do you feel like...

  • You’re sick of bouncing between different gyms and workout programs?
  • The workouts you’ve already tried have kept you engaged for the short-term, but never stick as something you want to maintain long-term?
  • You want to see results inside and outside of the gym, without having to spend tons of time you don’t have?
  • You have specific goals in mind, and are craving accountability from a community of awesome people to help you achieve those goals?
  • There’s more to life than just losing weight, and you’d rather feel strong and healthy in your everyday life?

If you find yourself feeling one (or more) of these things, you’re not alone.

Welcome to Goliath Fitness: Fitness for EVERY body

The team at Goliath Fitness is committed to providing a welcoming environment for people of all fitness levels and abilities who want to feel stronger and healthier at the gym, and in their everyday lives, with small-group private training AND open-gym access.

We take a human first approach, meaning...

We won’t overwhelm you with a bunch of workouts & nutrition guidelines that we expect you to fit into your life. We take a customized approach, looking at your life and exercise history, and figuring out what will work for you specifically. We don't expect you (and don’t want you) to cut out everything you enjoy and exercise for hours a day to get quick results. We work with you to see how you can incorporate nutritious eating and movement into your life so you can keep doing it long-term.
We recognise that strict rules and regimens ignore the realities of your life and set people up to fail. We take into consideration how stress will affect your training, and suggest gentler alternatives as needed. We look at you as a human first and what you want to achieve, and what will work best for you to get there. We support you every step of the way as you learn how to fit those processes into your life.

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