Are you tired of policing your body

There’s a never ending stream of messaging we receive on a daily basis, and have done for our entire lives, that we must look a certain way and fit into a certain aesthetic box to be deemed worthy. 

For so many, this has led to a lifetime of dieting, exercising to control the size of their body, living within the lines, and generally policing their own body to seek worthiness. 

But after a while, it just gets…tiring. 

What if you were just allowed to exist, as you are? 

That thought, for me, brings a visceral feeling of relief. 

You’re inherently worthy as a human, no matter what size your body is. 

You deserve to live, and love, and seek joy in a way that makes sense to you, without first having to lose weight or change your body. 

Unlearning this practice can be challenging and it might require therapy or at least a lot of mindfulness around how you treat your body and what you say to yourself about your body and worthiness. 

But do you want to live the rest of your life policing your body? 

If you’ve been looking for a sign or permission to say fuck it and just do you and live in your body as it, here it is. 

This doesn’t mean you can’t change your body. But think about why? You can still train and eat healthy (however that looks for you) without constantly policing your body and trying to force it to be something else. 

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