Do you need caffeine or calories?

The mid-afternoon energy slump. 

Predictably, it hits between 2-4pm and can make the afternoon drag. To get through, it’s tempting to get a coffee or an energy drink for a caffeine boost. 

Although you’ll get a short-term energy increase, this might be compounding the problem and there might be a better way to improve your energy. 

Why is caffeine not the best option? 

Caffeine late in the afternoon can cause sleep disturbances by keeping you up later and preventing a restful sleep. This then makes you more tired the next day and more likely to reach for more caffeine, which perpetuates the cycle. 

What can you do instead? 

Instead of trying to mask the energy slump with caffeine, you can take steps to prevent it by looking at your nutrition. 

Things to consider:

  • Protein consumption
    Protein is quite satiating and helps to keep blood sugar stable. Regular protein intake will support energy levels throughout the day.
  • Fibre content
    Fibre helps to keep you feeling fuller for longer and also supports stable energy by slowing the digestion of your meals, for a more sustained energy release.
  • Carbohydrates
    Carbohydrates are your brain’s preferred energy source. If you cut carbs out of meals, your body will lack energy and you’ll experience an energy slump.
  • Calorie consumption
    Calories are energy. Your body requires energy to run optimally. If you’re not eating sufficient calories throughout the day, your body will not have sufficient energy.

Before you reach for a caffeine hit in the afternoon, ask yourself, do you need caffeine or calories? 

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