Food Guilt is More Unhealthy than Anything You Can Eat

Food shouldn’t be associated with guilt and shame.

I say “shouldn’t be” because, unfortunately, it so often is.

Diet culture is so toxic that it has demonised food, made feeling hungry a moral failure, and if you eat food to satiate that hunger then you’re somehow addicted to food.

Food is delicious and enjoyable and life sustaining. Feeling hungry and eating food is a normal (and necessary) function of living.

Unfortunately, thanks to the proliferation of diet culture, so many people spend the majority of their lives in some sort of diet-cycle that leaves them feeling stressed the fuck out about food and absolutely guilt-ridden if they eat certain foods or past certain levels of fullness.

There’s also ideas about what certain types of people “should eat” – for instance, if you’re into fitness, you should only be eating chicken and veggies and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING FUN.

Yeah, that’s not for me.

You can achieve fitness goals and also enjoy food.

You can want to train and “be healthy” and also enjoy food.

In fact, removing shame and guilt from food can only be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

There’s enough stress in our lives, eating food shouldn’t be adding to it.


PS: food trauma can run deep, and if your guilt around eating food stems from trauma or an eating disorder, please seek help from a medical professional and know that you also deserve to eat food without feeling the guilt

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