GoFit Group Fitness, but not as you know it

GoFit is an effective and efficient group training program, expertly designed to get you fitter, faster, and stronger in less time.

More of a small group personal training session than a traditional group fitness class, GoFit combines the individual attention of personal training with a fun and supportive community to create a vibrant, energetic session that keeps you motivated.

In less than 30 minutes per day, you will gain strength, boost your fitness, and improve your health with the support and supervision of qualified and experienced coaches.

With a focus on functional movements and high intensity training, you will see real life results and be strong enough to handle whatever life throws at you.



GoFit is our unique in-house high intensity group training program. Exclusive to Goliath Fitness!

Absolutely not! All GoFit sessions can be modified depending on your fitness and ability level. It’s our job to give you the tools to get fit and strong and coach you through the correct technique.

Our GoFit sessions are different every day. We change the style of workout and the intensity of the sessions so our clients achieve long-term and sustainable results.

By changing up the program every day, our clients stay engaged and motivated.

The varied stimulus and intensities also force your body to adapt faster, which is why our clients see amazing results without spending hours in the gym.

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