How to make training at home easier

With intermittent lockdowns happening as a result of COVID-19, training at home has become more regular for all of us. 

Training at home can feel harder or maybe even pointless because you don’t have access to all the equipment and the environment of a gym. But just because you can’t train at the gym, doesn’t mean training, or progress, stops. 

Here are 3 ways you can make training at home easier.


1. Set up your training space. 

Having a specific area that you go to and train will help you get into a better training mindset. Training feels harder at home than at the gym because when you walk into the gym, your brain switches into training mode. Whereas, when you’re at home, you’re in your relaxing space and it’s hard to switch into your training headspace if you’re training where you would normally sit and watch tv. 

Set up a space that’s easily accessible with a mat and whatever equipment you will regularly use where you can leave these out. The garage or back veranda are usually good spots as they are away from your usual chill zones (lounge room and bedroom).


2. Stick to your schedule. 

If you normally train at certain times on certain days, stick to that routine. It’s much easier to stick with an existing habit than to try and start a new one. 

If you would normally have a group session or 1:1 that you book in for, keep scheduling those sessions and show up for them. For example, we continue to run GoFit sessions via Zoom and get our crew to pre-book sessions just like they would if we were in the gym. 

By sticking to your regular training schedule, you’re also making it easier for yourself when gyms open back up again. You just continue on your regular schedule in a different location, rather than having to adjust to another new schedule.


3. Be prepared. 

Set out your training clothes the night before, have your drink bottle filled, and know what you’re going to do before you start. 

If you have a regular program, stick with it (your coach should be able to make changes to your program so you can achieve the same training outcomes with bodyweight training). If you don’t have a regular program, this might be the time to jump on one.

Having a plan and being prepared will help reduce the barriers to entry and make it more likely you’ll follow through on your scheduled training session. 

Training at home doesn’t spell disaster for your training goals. With a little bit of prep work, you can keep training and making progress.

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