Moderation can feel like failure

Moderation can feel like failure. 

It’s not extreme or shocking, there aren’t strict rules you have to stick to, and so it can feel like you’ve given up or aren’t trying anymore. 

But in fact, it’s harder than going to the extreme. 

Living by a set of rigid rules around what and when you eat, how you train, and how often, can give you a sense of organisation; almost a sense of purpose. It’s all laid out for you. But these rigid rules are often not conducive to living your best life. 

They’re restrictive, and don’t allow for any flexibility for those moments when life happens. Birthdays, holidays, nights out with friends – these don’t fit in your rigid rules and so when they come up, it’s like you’ve broken the rules and must be punished by going even more extreme. 

Moderation isn’t like this. It allows all things at all times and gives you the freedom to choose what is best for you at any given moment. There are no hard and fast rules. 

Moderation means looking at the big picture and seeing how everything fits in. How you can train, eat nutritious foods, and also enjoy fun foods, nights out, and rest days without guilt and shame. 

If you’ve lived your life following a rigid structure and being strict with your food and exercise, this transition can feel like you’ve given up. By letting go of all the rules, you’ve somehow failed and will never achieve your health and fitness goals. 

However, moderation is not a failure. It’s giving you your freedom back. And it’s likely that you’ll actually achieve your goals in a healthier and more sustainable way – or it might show you that your goals weren’t the right ones for you in the first place and you were trying to force your body into submission with your strict rules and rigid schedule. It allows you to enjoy food and training again without punishment and it can give you a new perspective on what matters in the long term.


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