One small word that has a big impact

When you start training, it can feel like there’s an insurmountable hill you have to climb. There’s so much technique to learn and it can feel like you’re getting conflicting advice everywhere you turn. If you don’t nail it straight away, or aren’t making progress as quickly as you’d like, it’s tempting to just say “I can’t do this” and throw in the towel.  

Training is an exercise in delayed gratification. 

Humans aren’t great at delayed gratification. We want things right now and if we don’t see immediate returns on our time, energy, or financial investments, it’s hard to see a reason to stick with it. 

But how much do we miss out on by giving up too quickly? Or by not even trying because we aren’t good at it immediately? 

Saying you can’t do something shuts down the opportunity for growth. It’s scarcity mindset in practice. If you keep telling yourself you can’t do something, you’ll believe it and eventually stop trying. 

What if there was one word that could turn your mindset around and help you keep pushing towards progress?

Changing your thought patterns and keeping you open to growth can be as simple as adding one word – yet. 

“I can’t do this – yet.”

“I’m not good at this – yet.”

Can you see how it changes the intent of the statement?

Adding this small word creates a big shift in mindset. It creates a sense of possibility that one day you will be able to do it. This increases the likelihood that you will keep trying, which improves your chances of actually being able to do the thing. 

Constantly telling yourself you can’t do something will make you believe that you can’t do it, so why even try? Saying you can’t do it yet, 

Next time you’re learning a new skill or the weights feel heavy and it feels like nothing is going your way and you’re tempted to chuck it in because you can’t do it – remind yourself that you just can’t do it yet. Stick with it, be open to the challenges that bring growth, and see how much more you get out of it because you kept going. 


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