Practice Makes Progress

“How are they able to do that??”

Have you ever thought that when you saw someone doing something you couldn’t do yet?

Maybe about that person lifting heavier weights at the gym? Or the friend who seems to always have nutritious meals prepped?

The answer is practice.

They didn’t start out being able to do those things. No-one walked into a gym and squatted 100kg the first time they ever tried. But by going in and practicing regularly, they got there. 

When you decide you want to start training and improve your nutrition, it can feel like you constantly have to think about it and that you’re so far from where you want to be. 

The only way to get better at something is to practice. As the saying goes, practice makes progress. As cliche as it is, it’s true. No-one is great at everything the first time they do it. It comes with practice.

Health and fitness is a constant practice. 

Want to get better at training regularly? Practice.

Want to get better at moving and lifting stuff? Practice.

Want to make better choices with your nutrition? Practice.

Yes, we develop habits which means we’re not having to actively make choices about things all the time; it’s just what we do. But we’re still practicing those habits. 

Every time you train, you’re practicing those movements. Every time you make a meal, you’re practicing making nutritious choices for yourself. 

Over time, you will get better at all of these things. Keep practicing and the progress will come. 

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