Who is fitness for?

Fitness isn’t a look. 

Health isn’t a number on the scale. 

You don’t have to be fit before you start training. 

Everyone starts at the beginning. 

You’re allowed to eat the food.


This might sound glib or something you might find on an inspirational poster but it’s what underpins our training philosophy. 

We believe fitness is for everybody – every single body. Not just thin, muscular bodies but also larger bodies, disabled bodies, bodies of colour, trans bodies – all bodies are good bodies and they all have a right to participate in fitness. 

Exercising, working out, training – whatever you want to call it – has so many physical and mental benefits but it’s been co-opted by the Diet Industrial Complex to be used as a way to burn calories and control the size of your body. 

It’s been made to look complicated and tailored towards a certain aesthetic, which makes fitness seem out of reach for people who don’t fit that mould. 

This is a sneaky tactic used to make people feel bad about themselves and then spend money on endless products and programs promising to make them fit this mould. 

This isn’t fitness. This is diet culture upholding unrealistic Western standards of beauty and claiming it’s about fitness. It ignores the fact that most people will never meet this standard and that a lot of people don’t have access to the resources they’re being told they need before they can participate. 

What about the people who don’t live close to a gym and don’t have the time to drive out of their way to get there? Or about the people who can’t afford to spend money on a gym membership because every dollar is already accounted for? Or the people who don’t feel safe in that environment? Does that mean that they can’t participate?


Because sometimes fitness is taking your dog for a walk, or it’s dancing around your living room to 90s pop hits, or it’s five minutes of yoga as you wait for your morning coffee to brew. Fitness can be any activity where you move your body that you have the resources to take part in and feels good to you. 

You don’t need fancy equipment or fancy workout clothes. You don’t need to know how to do all the exercises or know the names of all the muscles. You don’t have to restrict your calories and miss out on all the foods you enjoy. 

Fitness is something that should benefit your physical and mental health and support your lifestyle. It shouldn’t be about punishment or chasing an unrealistic aesthetic standard. If it’s making you feel miserable and ashamed of yourself, you’re allowed to find a different way.


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